Top Features Of The Vivo V21

If you are planning for a new mobile phone then the Vivo V21 would be the right pick for you. The phone comes with exciting features and is equipped . vivo v21 with great specifications and quality. Equipped with amazing features and good enough qualifications, the Vivo V21 would be an ideal option which is accessible at a modest price of Rs 28,900. The phone provides a smooth slip free grip so that it is easy to handle and is quite light in weight. The innovative dual camera module provides fantastic picture taking performance.

With the advent of advanced technologies, the Vivo has received significant upgrades as compared to its predecessors like the Nokia E71 and the HTC Desire. As per all expectations, the device comes with a stunning design that incorporates a two inch LCD screen with capacitive touch sensitive buttons and a stunning resolution of HD FHD Super AMOLED with Clear scanning. The high definition camera can capture clear images and videos with excellent clarity and also allows the user to edit the pictures and videos. The front camera as well has the capacity of holding the capacity of thirty megapixels.

The smartphone comes with a lot of useful features like connectivity options, music player support, video player support, multi-tasking facility, high level of memory storage, high resolution camera lens and much more. With the increasing demand of the smartphone, many third party add on tools are also available in the form of applications. These applications help to increase the functionalities of the smartphone. These applications include games, weather, time and location tracker, travel destination tracker, calculator, contact management, e-mail client, camera and many more. In order to make the use of the smartphone more fun and entertaining, there is a bundle of apps provided in the handset.

In terms of camera, the Vivo V21 smartphone has the ability of recording videos in high quality with a long shutter speed. There are a lot of videos clips that one may record with the aid of the device. There are various features like video recording, image stabilization and zooming, panoramic view and facial recognition. In order to take optimum benefit of the photographic functions, the smartphone runs on the mediatek dim density 800u camera interface. This facilitates the efficient performance of the device.

For those who have passion for taking selfies, this is the ideal device. The OIS Night selfies that are taken by the front camera of the Vivo V 21 are extremely amazing. The OIS Night selfies enable the users to capture beautiful moments in the garden, the pool or any other such place. In order to capture such gorgeous moments, it is necessary to download the software from the google play store. When one has downloaded the software, then he or she can easily snap all types of photos and videos.

The OIS Night selfies also feature an advanced face recognition technology. In this case, the device will automatically align itself in order to take a good picture of you. In order to enjoy the awesome photographic abilities of the handset, one must ensure that he or she has enough memory storage. To add to the amoled experience, the OIS Night selfies also allow the users to select different background images. Apart from that, there are various other features that one must consider when using the vivo v 21 smartphone in this respect.

Other amazing smartphone features of the OIS night selfies include a notification center, which allows you to know about all the recent additions, email, texting and internet. Moreover, the OIS also features a weather alert facility, so that one does not have to continuously open the weather application every time. Apart from that, there are various other features available with the handset, like the FM radio, MMS, Gallery and some more. In addition, the HTC Wildfire has an excellent video recording feature, so that you can actually get the best kind of experience when it comes to videos. With regard to the gallery facility, the HTC Wildfire is equipped with a unique 4K Ultra HD mode, so that one can enjoy the entire video recording experience.

The OIS camera has an impressive ability to capture video in the clearest manner possible. However, when it comes to image quality, one might not be able to notice a significant difference, but the fact is that the OIS is capable of providing an excellent result. If you are looking for an ideal compact sized smartphone that has amazing smartphone features, then the OIS Wildfire is exactly what you are looking for. Check out the reviews of this amazing device in the leading mobile portals, so that you can avail the best deal on the HTC Wildfire.